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Rediffmail is a web-based AJAX eMail service provider that has more than 1 billion registered users around the world. One of the most popular email services in India. Rediffmail is the free email service provided by India’s leading independent internet portal rediff.com. Its intuitive user interface makes it simple for them to get an email account with awesome features. In this article we are show you how to create rediffmail account at free and how to login in rediffmail. Let’s see some best features of Rediffmail:

Benefits of using Rediffmail

  • This email service providers company also provides a mobile app where you will get all features that you find in desktop version. This makes it possible to check your emails, while on the move.
  • You can send free message to any mobile no. in India and can also opt for receiving shopping offers from Rediff.
  • POP3 Access enables you to manage with your email account with clients like Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc.
  • Their ‘Auto Response ‘feature is not only unique but also helpful to show your activeness to others. You can set the auto response for messages coming under any particular ‘Subject’ or for all incoming mails.
  • As we all know, spams are increasing rapidly on Internet and this mail provider gives a great spam filter to stop the incoming spam mails before they can hit your inbox.

Rediff Mail signup, Register, Create Rediff Mail Account

  1. First of all point your browser to this link. This link is the direct link of rediffmail.
  2. Now you will get a page with form for as below figure.
  3. Fill the form with accurate details and start with Full Name.
  4. Provide the basic details like Name, Date of Birth, Gender etc.
  5. Select Rediffmail usernamee. username@rediffmail.com.
  6. Choose an impeccable password that no one can open except you.
  7. Retype password again in the next box.
  8. Now if you have any alternative email account whether it is Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and many other too then put it here, it help you to unblock your account. If you forget your password then they send this to your account.
  9. If you have no account then tick the mark below shown that option.
  10. Now select your country and city.
  11. Observe and tackle the captcha letters and enter exactly them in below box.
  12. Your Registration was completed.

That’s it. Your email is now ready. Now you will be on your page where you can do any task with it that you wish for.  AlsoYou can access as Rediff mail and Rediff page which is almost like Facebook. You can send only 2 SMS to a number and there will be limited by number of SMS per day. If you want to upgrade your Rediff Mail to Company Mail, it will be paid version. Rediff Mail offers to send and receive mails in different types of folders which can give manual options.

Rediffmail.com login page / How to rediffmail login sign in?

  • At first go to www.Rediff.com and click on Rediff mail icon. Or visit this link to go directly to Rediffmail Login Page.
  • If you want to open rediffmail on your mobile then visit here rediffmail login
  • Fill your “Username” and Password to log on to RediffMail.
  • Click ‘Go’ and you will be on your Inbox page.
  • If you forget your password, then you can use ‘Forgot Password’ feature to reset the same.

Now you are done. You have successfully login in rediffmaill.

For slower connections

If you have slow internet connection then follow the below steps:

  • For slower connections one may use the rediffmail classic access. The rediffmail classic is the older version of the service and is suited for slower speeds of internet connection.
  • User can switch between the modes by clicking on the “classic”  or ” Take me to new rediffmail” buttons.


So that’s all about www.rediffmail.com, hope that will help. If you found this article helpful please do share and leave your feedback that we can help our best to you.

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