Google’s Inbox by Gmail is developing the intelligent mail


Gmail Inbox by Gmail yet, it didn’t take the place of the service. Usually the service is using Google to try the new mail management tools. The Inbox application, there are currently millions of users worldwide. Towards the end of last year, Google introduced Inbox by Gmail, a new and interesting feature for the smart answer feature.

The answer was announced since there were only smart innovation on mobile devices. Today finally came the Internet version of the Inbox with this feature. Smart and unique answer to the service is currently in the Gmail app are not included. It is not yet clear whether this feature will come to Gmail. This feature suggests automatic replies for your email to your inbox. You can select the one you want from within you the answers. You can choose which Inbox mails easily and briefly answered before giving you a few options and automatically. Answer this one with a single touch you can send. Inbox by Gmail now feature a smart answer to the web version of this came out.

Just like mobile applications, we will give you the answer in the web version, we are faced with three options to mail in an appropriate manner. If you want to choose one of the answers you click on it and you’re done. This feature was highly acclaimed and is being used very often by mobile users. According to statistics, Google’s Inbox by Gmail the emails sent with the application of 10% was sent using a smart answer.

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