Google Spaces ( Chat) Is To Implement


Google is always controlled by one of the rare companies that manages to be ambitious and unusual development. Where the company showcased the latest technology in this direction are still prepared to spaces with a group called the messaging application.

Android relevant in the policy according to the news, a group of friends or family members in question, the application’s interface that you can use for a shared conversation with the accompaniment of an impressive mini-social network is expected to be.

The alleged photos leak in application, social invitations, web links and other content to a conversation that takes place within it is seen. Seeing people also frequently can be grouped under various categories. That’s a pretty reasonable idea, while in the Messaging app available on Android, we can say that many of the features are similar.

We think that messaging is now more about sharing media, and especially Facebook after the success of snapchat and applications such as Messenger, Google aims to pursue a new idea in this direction is understood. After seeing the expected interest hangouts, Google’s ambitious new offering, we’ll have to wait and see whether to use the Messaging app.

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