Gmail and WhatsApp will be more secure


San Bernardino was facing the attacker for some time due to Apple and the FBI. The FBI, the attacker due to the use of the iPhone 5C, Apple wanted to crack the password from the phone; the Apple “user privacy”, citing he said he couldn’t do this operation. The person who is an expert in security agencies and the FBI to offer several offers, while almost all of the major technology companies, Google explained. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other companies, Apple is about Apple and the FBI is located on the side. The companies that merged in the face of the FBI, especially in mobile applications the importance of security increases.

Facebook owned WhatsApp, the instant messaging application to support voice calls are stepping up their efforts to make it safer. Similarly, Google is also an important step in this regard-in Gmail similar to the “improving safety” on the policy is going. Apple facebook and Google between these studies and the FBI before the trial began. However, this work has also mobilized and accelerated the course of the trial, we can say that the technology companies.

Apple and the FBI, which will be held a day after the Apple event on March 21 will face court. Regardless of the outcome, technology companies, state institutions seems to be with users against.

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