Eliminates Design Errors Google Gmail Inbox


Google Inbox by archiving emails, even though not many people are using it much more clean. Incoming emails of Gmail at the top in the Toolbox is contained in a box with an arrow mark. Incoming mail this button works in the archive. However, many Gmail users aren’t using it. A lot of people this icon is located in does not use this feature due to a design error.

It’s Different On The Other Side

Aware for this problem on Google Gmail. Interface with artificial intelligence and developed by the company compared to the much more other cool features like Gmail just has to respond with. For a few years now, Google is developing into this all the time. Kategorileyer also offers a faster handling old messages. Here, too, the archiving feature, however, there is the archive button. The e-mails in Inbox by Gmail has done to the archive. The service is currently English. The Done button located here finished e-mails is often used to remove. In Turkish, however, it means end. It’s a nice thing to finish it instead of a heat archive. The new service also ta as this.

Gmail Gmail Product Manager Alex Haley in his speech that has been opened for use in 2004 and since then a lot of things that had changed in the world said they were aware and so slowly again should not take the place of the old ones said. However, this doesn’t mean that Gmail would be thrown right into a corner.

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